Does greek yogurt cause hair loss?

Does greek yogurt cause hair loss?

There are many different types of yogurt on the market. Greek yogurt has become popular, due to its creamy taste...but it has high-protein levels. Greek yogurt has a high amount of protein (19 grams) per serving. Now, most people would think protein like this would help your hair, but here's the problem. You take greek yogurt, your Help Hair Shake, plus an additional splash of milk, and get a lot of protein for a single serving all at once. 19g + 8g (Help Hair shake) + 8g (milk) equals a whopping 35 grams of protein per serving. This is way too much at once.

Greek yogurt is a milk product which has the highest bioavailability of any protein and absorption rate. Plus Greek yogurt is eaten all at once within minutes which has a bigger impact on our metabolism than imagined.

This interesting study shows that "chugging" whey protein isolate has a faster intake in the system - - Which means that the rapid absorption of Greek yogurt and the fact that is is eaten (drank) all at once would increase the absorption and "bolus effect " it has upon your system not to mention the the large amount of protein absorbed.

Whey protein isolate has BCCA which increase testosterone levels and free t which converts to DHT. Although we advocate eating all proteins such as chicken, fish and steak since their absorption rate is more limited by the digestive tract. The absorption of the muscles for recovery with WPI is much faster and so is greek yogurt since it is basically in a liquid form like WPI.

We have have seen several cases of hair loss from Greek yogurt. Although it is very “healthy” is not necessarily good for hair growth when taken with other protein sources...or when Greek yogurt is consumed several times a day since it is fast acting and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

A patient had a hair transplant and it grew out within 6 months with the aid of Help Hair shake twice daily. He then decided to go on a high protein diet and eat 2-4 Greek yogurts daily while running 3-4 miles a day. His existing hair started to shed rapidly. He complained of hair loss and his transplanted hair was also very thin looking. Once we realised that he was off the Low Anabolic Profile had gone "Anabolic" we immediately told him to stop the greek yogurt and restart his routine using Help Hair shakes. After 3-4 months his hair was restored and we were able to reverse the shedding from the Greek Yogurt. Identifying the cause of your hair loss early is important since this will determine the steps needed to revitalise your hair growth.

That does not mean you should avoid yogurt with lower protein levels which we think will not adversely impact your hair. In fact yogurt with 8-10 grams per serving is probably good for digestion especially probiotics. Nor does it mean that the occasional use of Greek yogurt ie 1-2 x a week as a snack is bad. But it means that using it daily with milk or another protein heavy product may have an adverse impact on your hair.