Is Arginine Good or bad for hair growth?

Is Arginine Good or bad for hair growth?

Amino acids in your protein shake are good for working out but can they cause hair loss?

Is Arginine good for your hair? Arginine is a major amino acid in creatine which is great for bulking up and working out. A major component of creatine is Arginine. L- Arginine has some beneficial effects including improvements to blood pressure. Which is the reason some consumers try the amino acid.

But does it have any side effects on hair?
In one study, it was shown that the amino acids, arginine and ornithine, when used in conjunction with exercise had a very anabolic effect.

So what does this all mean?
It means that amino acid supplementation can have a hormonal effect on your body. Anytime you take whey, pea, hemp, etc protein or amino acids, you can be jeopardising your hair without realising it until the effects show up months later. So unless the product is a protein powder that is that is targeted for hair you may end up with the unfortunate side effects of hair loss.

So the lesson to take away here is, be careful what you take since you hair may suffer the consequences of your choices and it may be too late before you realise it. If you want a whey protein that will actually help your hair growth, check out Help Hairs line of whey protein shakes.