Why choose Help Hair?

Why is Protein necessary for hair growth?

Protein is the most important nutrient for hair as each hair follicle consists of 97% protein content. Protein is broken down into amino acids and then processed into a fibrous structure, called Keratin, which is the key structural component of your hair, skin and nails. Help Hair uses all natural Whey Protein Concentrate to provide the necessary blend of amino acids needed for healthy hair growth.

Help Hair Protein Powder has been scientifically formulated to be the most suitable source of amino acids for your hair. Our minimally processed formula is easily digested and broken down into the amino acids needed for your hair growth to reach its full potential.

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What other Vitamins and Nutrients do I need?

Hair cells are amongst the fastest growing in the body, but is a non-essential body tissue. This means that your body doesn’t prioritise sending nutrients to your hair in the case of deficiencies.

Help Hair has been scientifically formulated to not only provide the necessary proteins, but also all the other vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy, full hair growth. B Vitamins are very important for many metabolic processes, including to produce Keratin from amino acids. Help Hair contains full doses of Niacin (B3), Biotin (B7) and Vitamin B12.

Zinc also plays an important role in hair growth and repair, as it helps the body to process proteins. Iodine helps regulate the healthy function of your thyroid gland. An iodine deficiency can cause a reduction in the hormone production necessary for your hair growth to be as healthy as possible.

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Naturally sourced, minimally processed

Help Hair Shakes are made from Whey Protein Concentrate sourced from dairy cows that have not been treated with growth hormone or steroids. Our Whey Protein Concentrate has been as minimally processed as possible so you can get the best results for your hair.

Developed by founder Dr Shapiro, a leading hair loss expert, to slow hair loss and encourage growth — Help Hair shakes contain no artificial colours or flavours and are fortified with vitamins.

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Already using a different protein powder?

Help Hair is unique as the only Protein Shake that has been specifically designed to feed your hair follicles. While other protein powders will have the required protein content, they may be using a different protein source that isn’t best suited for healthy, full hair growth.
Did you know that your existing protein powder may actually be harmful to your hair growth. Read here.

Try a Help Hair Whey Protein Shake

Who is Help Hair for?

Help Hair is for everyone especially if you want to improve the quality and health of your hair and want to achieve accelerated hair growth. 

Help Hair works great for men and women who want to boost their protein intake to achieve their fitness goals without harming their hair. If you’ve noticed your hair is thinning, especially if you’ve been using protein or other workout supplements, then Help Hair is just what you need to slow your accelerated hair loss.

Try a Help Hair Whey Protein Shake

How to use Help Hair

  1. Do not use with any other protein, creatine or growth hormone supplement.
  2. Mix 1 scoop of Help Hair with 350-450ml of water, milk, almond milk or juice as preferred. Do not use Soy Milk with Help Hair. Do not heat Help Hair shakes as this will denature the protein.
  3. Use one Shake helping in the morning and one Vitamin Supplement in the evening for accelerated hair growth
  4. If you are working out, use the Shake twice daily (8-12 hours apart) for optimum results.

Why Choose Help Hair?

  • All our products are made in the USA in an FDA Reviewed Manufacturing Facility with the highest standards in the world
  • All products are formulated by Dr Shapiro with over 30 years of Hair Restoration Experience (Dr Shapiro has treated over 14,000 Hair restoration cases)
  • Our products have been on the market for over 11 years and we have 1000's of happy customers
  • Our research to prevent hair loss is because of our commitment and devotion to getting the very best results for our customers
  • Dr Shapiro trains all the Worldwide Help Hair Certified Clinics to assure the highest possible results
  • Help Hair founder Dr Shapiro lectures worldwide on Hair Loss and has been published in Hair Restoration textbooks and journals

The Help Hair Story

Help Hair was founded in the USA by Dr Larry Shapiro. Dr Shapiro has over 30 years experience as a practising Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon.

He has encountered thousands of patients who suffer from hair loss. As a result, he has formulated a special blend of nutrition and hair care products to promote and sustain healthy hair.

For most people hair loss can be caused by a variety of underlying problems and a lack of nutrients can aggravate these problems.

Help Hair Whey Protein Shakes contain a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that today's diet lacks.

Our shampoo and conditioner work to remove excess sebum and DHT on the scalp. They both contain botanical extracts that when absorbed by the scalp helps to promote healthy growth.